Textling #103

A tribute to

Mag Friel


And now let’s talk about rage. We have seen too many notices about M.E.-related deaths & suicides. These are not ‘tragic’ losses, they are shameful!

To most of the world, Mag, and thousands like her – bed-bound, in constant pain, with a catalogue of spreading and ever more debilitating symptoms – do not exist. Mag had severe M.E. for 25 years! Imagine what could have been achieved if research had not been impeded by the ‘it’s all in your head brigade’. Years, even decades of unmediated, unattended suffering, can drive a person to that last desperate step. It is appalling that these conditions persist. We need a radical change in attitudes and substantial funding for long overdue biomedical research, now!

I mourn the life Mag could have led. The lives we’re all missing out on.

Our friend has gone. Hope had expired, and the fight in her was done.
We are bereft.


The full tribute (an edited version of my textlings), incl. voice-recording, has been published by M.E. Association

Mag asked mourners to make donations in her memory to the 25%M.E. Group (instead of sending flowers to the funeral service). Isobel Bennett has set up a fundraising page



3 thoughts on “Textling #103

  1. Dear friends, thank you for wanting to help. Mag herself had asked people not to send flowers to the funeral service, but instead make a donation to the 25% M.E. Group (support for people with severe M.E., of which she was a member) in her name. A friend of mine will try and set up a funding page. Otherwise there’s ME Association (UK) and MEAction in the US. Mxx


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