Textling #60

It’s a book! To be truthful, it’s a bookling, but even that amazes me.

The launch of SUPINELY SUBLIMELY, published by Palewell Press, will take place at Dulwich Library Hall on Wednesday, 30 November, at 2.30 pm. Application forms for favourable conditions were sent off on time. Magic wand has been ordered, spells were cast, and a chant whisperer is hard at work. Support is in hand. Yours truly will occupy a settee (dusted off especially) and read a superb selection of textlings. If need be I’ll ventriloquate!

Bought a red dress with green roses on. May disappear under winter layers. If you’re near and well enough, do come! Would be lovely to see you there. If you can’t and would like to buy the book, look here.

Dulwich Library Hall
368 Lordship Lane
London SE22 8NB


Textling #59

Third illness thumped through the door and wedged my lungs with thistledown. This one a thoroughbred of a disease, cultured, in prime conditions curable. A period of quarantine at home, same old. A jamboree of drugs to take at dawn: count out in fur-lined cup with whiskered edges! A dedicated nurse-team gives the word. Each dose is filled with best intent. First though, a ferry in a storm. Occasionally a day’s relief, a breather. Signs saying: that way, please! Strapped in. Pillar to post. One and two look on, astounded.

46 days left. Anguish and hope are falling into step. A better week! Nausea: moderate to good.