Textling #97

The best possible Xmas-break to everyone, and warm greetings to those who are housebound, bed-bound, or simply all-round struggling; to just-at-this-moment hopeless folk; for-crying-out-loud-but-never-saying-much lonely folk; serene and anxious folk; juggling, striving, angry folk; mournful, quietly aspiring, boisterously desirous folk. Contented or happy too. Let no one be excluded.

May your day be filled with care, joy, and – if that’s what you crave – festive connection.




4 thoughts on “Textling #97

  1. And to you Marion. To your brave, courageous & generous spirit. Wishing for you the fulfilment of your deepest desires & wishes. Thanks for your work & your reaching out.
    I usually try to capitalise on this time of year to rest as much as possible. I’m waiting for energy to return & with it enthusiasm for projects & ‘to get out there’. Helen

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    1. I think I have no idea what year you had, Helen. I know three, four Helens, and having read your response to Textling #12 just now see that I mistook you for someone else. Sorry. Still, all good wishes stand, and maybe you’ve had quite a year anyway.


      1. Thank you Marion. 2017 was full of ups, downs & inbetweens!! All good. I shall identify myself as Helen Mac F from now on. Unless you know more of those 🙂


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