Textling #72

I have a weekly appointment with highly time-limited, semi-supine exuberance, then duly plunge into days of crushing disconnect, with a dizzying dose of pain. Call it the Jack in the box effect. I count my blessings though, assiduously – for many the lid stays shut.



2 thoughts on “Textling #72

  1. hugs hugs hugs, Marjojo. so sorry for the pain you are going through and how useless I/we/the world are for not providing any help. What you wrote made me think that maybe a documentary/movie should be made for more awareness and more research on M.E.?


  2. Thanks for writing, mw! There are documentaries, think I sent you and Susanna couple of links over the years, and now there’s Jen Brae’s Ted Talk (link below), but wonder how much they teach beyond those who are in the know already, by being ill themselves or being close to someone who is. Think we’re starting to be heard, in some quarters at least, and definitely need to spread the word further. Rallying sighs must count!


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