Textling #67

I admit it, I do suffer from Bed in a Bottle-Syndrome (BBS), easily cured by a six-week course of CBT. By writing on dotted lines I will learn to weed out pathos, self indulgence and plain and simple narcissism. I will learn to pummel my pillow harder, mentally at least, to channel anger and frustration more efficiently. I will strive not to mind patronising advice, disregard, or the failing of pledged support. Authorities throw spanners? I will catch them! I’ll have a second set to sell on eBay soon. Eyeteeth for conversations, jokes, a natter, and occasionally a good old moan? Silence is golden! Don’t leave the house much? Staying in is the new going out! Politics are scary, care is beleaguered, confidence lies rolled up in a carpet – deep breath. We miss, we miss, we miss…

I have flowers in every room: freesia, tulips, a cabbage mimicking a rose.


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