Textling #66


I am lnely.

I am lnely, and I am struggling.

I am nt k.

I cannt say it withut shame.

N petry. N metaphr.



2 thoughts on “Textling #66

  1. Hello Marion. A very, very powerful set of words.
    Been there. Your work came to my attention on Radio 4 Women’s Hour (if my memory serves me correctly!!), which was some time ago, but you have popped into my mind from time to time ever since. I was struck by what you’ve been able to achieve. How you’ve eaked out creativity.
    I first had chronic fatigue in my early 20’s. I’m 46 yrs old now. I can pass for a ‘normal’ person. But there is some pretending and a lot of resting going on behind closed doors! I try to gauge a lot what normal energy levels are. I think I am at approximately 60%. Like you always aiming to improve.
    I have been inspired by your work. I really have. Keep the faith & Good luck.


    1. Thanks so much for writing, Helen. Means a lot. And yes, that was me on Women’s Hour, speaking from my sofa. Sorry to hear you’ve had M.E. for so long. Hope you’ll be able to get above 60 % some day.
      Know about passing, although in my case that’s usually for very brief encounters, i.e. a conversation with a neighbour sitting on the doorstep. On these occasions I can’t stop grinning – someone to chat to! – and then I have to go back in and lie down for a good long while, with the neighbours none the wiser. Creativity has become my way of trying to commune when all is silent, as it mostly is. Often can’t read or take much in; word and previously art adventures give meaning, purpose, and occasionally connection. Lucky that I’ve got that.
      All the best!


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