Textling #61

For half an afternoon my words (and my support-worker) pulled me into the world, and so an anxious, exceedingly unwell and often lonely year can finish on a sprightly note. The launch of SUPINELY SUBLIMELY was an astonishing affair – because it happened, because people came, and because obliging library staff delivered a small orange fake leather sofa (much preferred over a camp bed) to curl up on. A goodish version of me sprung from it like Venus from her scallop shell. No ribbons in my hair though.

Fatigue is a recall fiend! By the next day details had evaporated like a dream’s in the moments of waking. Q&A had been lively – that much I knew. Faces flashed, mouths moved; attending speech sank soundlessly. Friends have helped collect clues and a joyous picture is emerging. Responses were thoughtful, delighted, surprised at how I write. There was laughter! And great questions. Want to lodge this in my mind. Much was lost this year, much is mourned; gratifying instances need nudging and nuzzling until retrievably installed in a quiet crumple of one’s brain.

My book is out!

You can buy it here, and, if you’re in the US, here.



2 thoughts on “Textling #61

  1. Thank you, Helen! A few people have told me they are reading slowly. It pleases me, attends to the deliberation and care my textlings were written with. That the enjoyment of writing is met with joy in reading is simply wonderful.


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