Textling #55

A day to smoke in a pipe (German saying). So lightheaded, I cannot find my bearings and half expect to float up to the ceiling, feet first. I’d hang there, paper puppet, flutter in the breeze. Nippy!

How fast the year passed. Hard not to feel diminished. Regular front room commutes became too strenuous, and bed (in and on) my primary residence. I have carers, a support worker (whose tireless advocacy secured me care – communication with cash-strapped institutions is laborious), a befriender; am troubled by my needs and surprised they count. So many go without. A creative project is coming to fruition, under icy fingertips; words spoken months ago travel the air waves. Language unstraps me, occasionally. In the German tongue knees have throats. I wonder if that’s where speech moves when fatigue subsumes agency.


4 thoughts on “Textling #55

  1. Marion, just wanted to say how inspired I was to hear you talk on Woman’s Hour. I have CFS and like you the urge to create with words and materials and to glean meaning, luminosity and beauty is something vital. I am lucky enough to have trees and birds outside my window too. Reading your blog in snippets and sharing with friends. Thank you so much for speaking from the heart and sending out your ‘letter to the world’ (Emily Dickinson). It has reached shores far and wide. Kind Wishes Heidi x


  2. Thanks so much, Heidi, for taking time and energy to respond, so glad you could relate to my words. ‘Letter to the world’ – I like that a lot. Answers or acknowledgements aren’t always forthcoming – nice to know I’m not holding monologues. I’m probably asking a lot of my ever dwindling creative efforts – the act of making/writing is strongly powered by the wish to have conversations. How do you express yourself, what do you make/write, how do you share?


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