Textling #53

Warning: words at large. My say-so over the radio, a voice-outing, rarer even than my forages into the world. I jumped at the chance (without moving from the sofa), but when it came to listening subjectivity seemed precarious as a gum bubble. As much as I had wished for this opportunity, I felt suddenly unsure. My writing (midpoint between forensic and fanciful, and much edited) is tightly controlled. Speech is more prosaic, more intimate, exposed. Critical impulses gleaned, mixed in with nuance and loquacity, measures of reserve, resolve, timidity, conceit, exuberance, desire. Complexity – a relief! Things worth saying… That quiet, isolated place from which I spill, occasionally (this one glorious time in sound and joining other voices, vibrant, spirited, seldom heard), moved within earshot of a wider audience. It was as if five individuals stepped out from the dark at the back of a Greek chorus, to enunciate their own stories. Momentous and momentary.

Chronic Illness and Creativity, a series of interviews conducted by Melissa Viney, broadcast on Radio 4, Woman’s Hour. Links below:

Sian Martin
Caroline Small
Zara Carpenter
Marion Michell
Victoria Storey


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