Textling #42

As fatigue deepens, anatomy folds, as if it were a collapsible thing, a canny feast of planks and poles. The energy-exclusion zone stealthily expands. Listening to the radio is the ultimate effort of a desperate hanger-on. One zealous ear upturned I huddle close lest sound disperses. Dedication is absolute and strangely physical, as if a large elongated bubble coupled speaker with outer ear – a warm, veined caul through which companionable voices travel. At some point the connection fails and storylines wash over me. When cadence turns cacophony, the last notes catch on my brow, slick as kiss-curls.


One thought on “Textling #42

  1. Love this steady flow of textlings! You introduce me to some beautiful words and rhythms. Makes me want to make some prints, etchings from the imagery you give me…


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