Textling #37

Tucked away in a side-pocket I found a small furry creature, half bird, half rodent, and clearly expired – a snug fit for a cupped hand and galvanising nudges, if you are so inclined. Coo coo, coo coo. A leg, or limb, or spike, protruded from its tapered end. The bag’s lining bore a blush of powder, beige, with a hint of mouse. Closer inspection (no touching!) revealed a pear, feral past its prime. With a mixture of thrill and disgust, and wary of inhaling, I placed the little poser on a sheet of white and brought my camera close.

I wonder how many live tucked away in airless folds, stretch time unseen, unheard, unheeded, set apart, the mark of ashes on collected brows disclaiming worth, need, diversity. I waver, say us, say them, and us again.


2 thoughts on “Textling #37

  1. love this…so many mixtures of feelings and imagery i get from it. half bird half rodent is exactly right…i think i’ve seen something similar too…did not dare to venture further though…so curious but also scared to see the picture you took…


  2. Hallo hallo! TY for reading & responding. Downloaded the pix from camera yesterday – they are truly gross. Ever so glad that I didn’t wear my glasses when I discovered the creature. The camera eye saw much much more than I did.


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