Textling #13

Let’s be prosaic for a while, get to the (heavily edited) banalities of daily life. Bath every so often (that would be telling); hair wash fortnightly; cutting of toenails over days (after: blood moon slivers arranged by size). Food eaten from plastic dishes and paper plates (carrying crockery from microwave to table calamitous). Drinks sipped from glasses, half full (stable when standing; weight-in-hand inclined to spill).

I meant to talk about the sequence of infinitesimal steps (pyjamas to fresh clothes), that make taking a bath such an effort, but it is just too intimate. Can’t see you taking time to consider each and every gesture (you’ll do them daily, without a second thought), so will give you the lowdown (action-filled!) on baking cake. Not in the slightest so inclined, but needs must:

Take book (or gadget) from …, place on table, find recipe, read. Assemble ingredients: from fridge (walk to, open door, choose, take items out, turn, place on table, turn back, close door – all of which could be broken down further); from cupboard (walk to, stretch/crouch, open door, rummage, take out, turn, place on table, turn back, take out more, place on table, turn, close door) – skipping details, I know, but this is a textling. Next: bowls, spoons, measuring cups. Electric mixer? Oh my.

And now the fun starts (if you like baking), but I’m bored, and you get the drift. It would take me a week or two to do the (much fragmented and meanwhile smelly) deed (and not much else). Subsidiary activity when stuff falls…

Arms like wilted celery today. Slip from pj’s into clean garb? Did manage trouser stage. Bath? Every so often.


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