Textling #12

At the moment I am a person in perpetual blur. Imagine a photo developing in a tray of chemical solution, releasing its image languidly, as if from nothing. At my worst I do the opposite: flat as a picture, I fade into a fog of white.

Or maybe focus is all there is? As desire, thinking, phone, book, and crochet hook become the stuff of dreams, I can only be, breath in, breath out.


2 thoughts on “Textling #12

  1. I don’t know how you do it, but you make fatigue sound interesting. I’ve been making my way through the archives & often find myself thinking what happens next?!
    Reading your textlings has given me context to what I’ve been through to varying degrees these last 26 years. Given it validity. Many, many, many a time I’ve wondered whether I’ve imagined it (especially when I gained energy from the 5-26 year mark).

    Wishing you freshness, solutions & hope.


    1. Thank you for your good wishes, Helen, and your lovely comment about my writing. I don’t think this kind of diminished, depleted life holds much interest to the outside world, and to be honest, it is often excruciatingly boring. Trying to condense some of my experiences through language gives these tired days a little shape, a little beauty, and, esp. when I get a response, a bit of self confidence. Validity! So glad my textlings could give you that. Best wishes to you. Mxx


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